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Bathroom Heaters and Fan Lights


Bathroom heaters are appliances mounted directly onto walls and suck air, like a fan, but internally heat it up before recirculation. These are popular because they warm the room so stepping out the shower is comfortable and not bitter-cold and bracing. Many people forget the bathroom in their home renovations, which is a mistake, considering most people, on average, spend nearly a year and a half over the course of their lives. Wouldn’t you want to make your year and a half a more comfortable experience?

Electric bathroom heaters are considered more cost-effective since they convert energy into heat with substantial efficiency. And heaters mounted to the ceiling, since they circulate air, cut down on the humidity levels within the room. This prevents the mirrors from fogging up; it also contributes to a more pleasant bathroom experience. The lower humidity also prevents mildew and germs from thriving on your towels. This is important as bathrooms are a prime breeding ground for bacteria.

When purchasing a bathroom fan heater, be sure it matches the voltage of your existing current; be sure the heater is as large if not bigger, than the previous fan, to avoid having to repair the ceiling. Keep in mind that different bathroom heaters create different levels of noise when in operation, so choose wisely. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having a roaring appliance above your head puncturing the serenity of the bathroom.

BK Electric Services has serviced many bathroom renovations and installed just as many bathroom heaters and fans. We’ll consult with you on which heater will work best for you and stay within budget as well as ensure that it doesn’t overload your existing circuit. Most people choose to this themselves, but regret it when faced with having to calculate the maximum voltage that their bathroom heater can consume without overloading the entire circuit. Call the professional electricians at BK Electric.