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Ceiling Fan Installation


The installation of a ceiling fan can be an exciting event, especially if you live in a home that constantly feels like a sauna or a broiler. But choosing the type of fan and where to install that fan requires a bit of study and research. Clearly, you should choose which room requires the most airflow. Since fans create a column of air that flows directly beneath the blade, it is best to place the ceiling fan directly above the most lived-in areas, such as above the dining room table, and rooms that are the most warm year-round.

When considering the type of ceiling fan to purchase, you should consider its function and the room in which it will be placed. Many people make the mistake of buying a fan that is often too big, too small, or that lacks enough speed settings. Consider the layout of your room. For example, the largest fan will provide the largest cooling area, but can overwhelm the room visually. Also, if the ceiling isn’t high enough and the ceiling hangs too low, you could feel like your head is too close to the blades as you walk under it.

Installation is easy if you take the necessary steps to ensure your safety. The electricians at BK Electric Services can help, as ceiling fan installation is one of our most common tasks. We’ll make sure to turn the electricity off before checking if the existing electrical box is attached a rafter; you may need a new one. If a longer downrod is needed so the fan hangs, we can install that as well. After making sure that the blades are attached properly and the motor and housing are mounted properly, we’ll turn the power back on to test your new fan.