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Chandelier Installation


Chandeliers are light fixtures suspended from a ceiling and are often ornate and highly decorated, but they weren’t always so. There name comes from the old French “chandelle”, which refers to their seeming to float in mid-air. The earliest chandeliers were two beams of wood fashioned into a cross with spikes on which were held candles made of animal fat. These were mainly used in churches or abbeys to provide monks with light to study. As these fixtures found their way into the homes of the wealthy and the prosperous, chandeliers became grand structures and works of art, often being made of crystal, glass, and metal.

Chandeliers come in a variety of styles and materials. The most common and the most expensive is the crystal and glass chandelier, which features bits of glass or crystal cut into fine shapes that dangle from the arms of the structure. Light is reflected and bounced off every corner of the room, creating a display that dazzles and awes. Antler chandeliers are usually seen in lodges or large cabins that add a rustic feeling to the room.

Chandeliers should be installed carefully, as their weight and size can cause serious injury should they fall. BK Electric has installed countless of these grand fixtures and will ensure a proper and safe mounting.