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Dedicated Circuits
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Before we discuss dedicated circuits, let’s get some groundwork down first. Flipping a switch turns a light on or powers up your computer; flipping a switch completes an electric circuit, allowing currents, which are bundles of electrons, to flow through wires. These wires carry the electric current to various sections of an electrical system. This electricity is powered by a battery or generator that creates voltage, which is the force that moves currents through and around the circuit.

With those basics in mind, dedicated circuits are basically circuits independent of the main electrical system, set aside to power a specific appliance or product. These products are either highly sensitive or highly demanding. Dedicated circuits are isolated require extra attention during the installation phase to ensure their proper setup. These are installed with their own circuit breakers intended for single use.

Dedicated circuits are designed to prevent overload by the product its sending power to. These circuits ensure that the power supply will not be interrupted and operating conditions will remain safe. Currently, there exist three types of dedicated circuits: the 15-amp, the 20-amp, and the 30-50 amp. We recommend that most kitchen appliances run the 15-amp, as any more would overload the appliance and cause a burnt fuse and, potentially, a fire.

For kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher and garbage disposal, you can choose to share a circuit, unless one or the other consumes massive amounts of electricity. You should always add the total amp consumption before deciding on a dedicated circuit. Medium-sized appliances, such as toasters and microwaves, a 20-amp would work best. Dryers and refrigerators are heavy-duty appliances with a large appetite for electricity; we recommend a 30-50 amp circuit.

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