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The electrical panel is often called the heart of a home because it is the device that keeps the current flowing through every circuit in your home. These panels are often called distribution boards because they divide the main electrical feed into separate circuits feeding power to specific areas. Panels in the United States are usually divided into two columns oriented in the dead front position, meaning whoever is handling the circuit breakers cannot accidentally contact live wires.

Electrical panels are often placed in out-of-the-way areas, such as attics or basements or similar storage areas, for security reasons. Current code does not allow for the installation of panels inside closets or bathrooms and boards to be placed outside or in unusual locations require specialized equipment and a stricter adherence to even stricter standards.

For home renovations, additional circuit breakers are sometimes needed. This is because there are usually new outlets and switches installed. However, the existing electrical panel box might not have enough space for more breakers. A new upgrade might be necessary. If ever you hear crackling coming from the panel box, it is time to call your local electrician immediately. Any crackling or humming can be caused by a loose wire, a burnt contact, or a worn fuse.

Some electrical panels are filled with old fuse boxes, which blow regularly. These should be replaced with the modern breaker box. It will not only save you money, but save you from having to hunt down fuses to replace the dead ones.

Service panels are one of the most important components of any electrical scheme in a home or building. BK Electric understands how serious a faulty panel board can be and the dangers that go along with one. Our technicians are trained extensively to provide quality service, whether it be a new installation or a repair.

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