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Home Electric Rewire – Safety & Maintenance Of Older Homes

Regular maintenance of your home is an important aspect of keeping it safe for you and your family and we recommend you have a schedule for doing this.

There is however a slight problem when it comes to electrical maintenance.

Whilst some parts of the house may be easy to inspect and assess any remedial work to be completed others are less accessible. So whilst it may be easy to check for a blocked gutter or cracked tile, other areas such as the wiring of your house may not be practical to check as regularly.

Issues may be found during building work or other maintenance, but they may not be picked up at all until there is a serious issue. Without knowing what you are looking for issues may also be difficult to spot. So it is important that any work done is done professionally by a licensed contractor.

One of these types of issue and one which BK electrics supports as part of our service offering is the electrical rewiring in the household or commercial property.

When You May Need To Rewire Your Home

Ensuring that you have suitable electrical wiring and installation is an important part of maintaining your home. If you live in an older home it may be worth reviewing the electrical wiring in your home particularly if your home was built before 1950.

This is because before 1950 electrical insulation was made of cloth which over time becomes fragile. This can lead to it becoming, brittle, cracked and it may eventually just fall off leaving exposed wiring throughout your house.

This is dangerous as touching one of these wires can cause an electric shock which could seriously injure or even lead to death. By reviewing your wiring you can easily avoid this potential risk and ensure that your home electrics are safe.

Rewiring Is Not A Simple Job

Once you make the decision to rewire your home this can be a costly, time consuming and potentially dangerous job if you choose to do it yourself.

Also as the wiring is done before the drywall is put up and painted if there are any issues once this is done then it can be costly to have to redo this work.

Therefore we would strongly recommend hiring a licensed electrical contractor to assess and carry out any major rewiring work in your home.

It is better to get something done right the first time by a professional than try and do it yourself and then have to call in a profession for the remedial work.

Video Of A Rewire

Although this video about wiring in the home, and finally if you have any questions or are thinking about getting your home rewired then you can give BK Electric a call.