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Home Rewire


Homes built before 1950 used electrical wire insulation that was made of cloth and cloth is fragile. It becomes brittle and cracked over the years and eventually just falls off, leaving exposed wiring throughout your house, in the walls. These wires are extremely hazardous and if these wires make contact with each other, they will create a spark that can quickly become a blaze. Touching one of these exposed wires, furthermore, will cause an incredibly dangerous amount of electricity to through course through your body and injure or even kill you.

Rewiring an entire home can be costly and time-consuming if you do it yourself without any sort of knowledge going in. This is where it would be a wise decision to hire a licensed electrical contractor, like those at BK Electric Services. Wiring is, of course, hidden in the space behind your walls and above your ceilings; wiring goes in before the drywall is put up in preparation for the walls and paint. If something goes wrong, you’d have to dismantle the entire wall or ceiling and do it all over again. No one wants to do this so it might be in your best interests to do it right and professionally the first time.