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Landscape Lighting


Landscape lighting and outdoor lighting design features lighting for your outdoor space, including the backyard, garden, and walkways. Properly implemented, outdoor lighting will turn any home to a spectacular home. Many homeowners choose to border the walkway leading to the front door with lights, to make it easier to navigate in the night. Done well, landscape lighting can used to accentuate an outdoor space and create a visually interesting display as well as creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests and residents, alike. In addition to the aesthetic value of lighting arrangements, exterior lights help deter burglars and other intruders from attempting anything on your property.

There are quite a few novel ways in which to use landscape lights. Lights that are offset and have quite a bit of distance between them act as guides, teasing a person’s line of sight down a path naturally. Placing lights near certain colorful or charismatic-looking plants can creative an attractive and charming space. There is a style of landscape lighting called moon lighting, in which lights are placed high up in trees to simulate the effect of moonlight breaking through the branches. The effect is enchanting and frankly, magical. One of the pitfalls of lighting landscapes is the temptation to brighten every inch of your space, placing lamps in every bush and every foot of your walking path. This is a huge mistake that will flood and washout your garden with light.

BK Electric Services has years of experience in providing attractive lighting to otherwise bland landscapes. We will guide and provide you with a myriad of options. You can pick your style, and we’ll do the rest.