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Recessed Lighting Can Light Up Your Home


Lighting is a key element to turning any house into a home.

The right lighting can really accentuate a property showcasing its features and creates the right ambience. Therefore selecting the right fixtures and installing them correctly is a key decision when designing and modelling your new home of renovation.

One way of lighting your home is to use recessed lighting. This is a style of lighting that involves installing a light fixture into the ceiling. The housing of this fixture is held securely between the ceiling joists or hollow spaces if being retrofitted.

Recessed Lights Design Feature

Recessed lights provide a streamlined design and create space as they do not take up as much space as a traditional light fitting. Recessed lights increase the amount of light in a room as they are higher up and the direction of their light is not obstructed by shades or fitting features.

However depending on the design they can be used to direct a light to spotlight an area of the room, often using two to three lighting fixtures at different angles.

Recessed Lighting Standards

As with all electrical installations there are standards and safety factors to consider.

There are four categories for recessed housing, rated new, Non-IC rated new, IC rated remodel, and Non-IC rated remodel. The design of the lights are designed to be safe by preventing flammable material from coming into the light, which is particularly important as the light creates heat.

Things To Consider When Installing Recessed Lighting

Due to the safety aspects of installing new fixtures into a home, you have to consider how they will integrate into your home’s structure. When looking to install recessed lighting, you should be aware of whether there is any insulation in or near the space you’ve chosen for your lighting fixture.

What type of housing you need depends on whether the house is in construction or in the midst of a remodel and whether the insulation is direct contact with the house.

If you are looking to install recessed lightling BK Electric Services can help you decide this and guide you through the installation process.