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Security Cameras


There are few things worse for a family to experience than a home invasion. Your home is your castle and your place to be comfortable and feel secure. Unfortunately, there are people who prey on the unaware and the unprepared by burglarizing their home, sometimes when the family is present. There are measures you can take to prevent your home from being invaded and that includes installing security cameras around your property. BK Electric has people in-house who specialize in security installation fixtures.

One thing to remember when installing a security camera is placement. There is no point in mounting a camera where its view will be obstructed by a tree. You want to make sure your security fixture has the widest possible range of vision, so usually tucked in a corner is good. If it will be used outside, then it should be somewhere will it be protected from weather. Once you have your location chosen, you will need to connect the power as well as the video cables. This isn’t always easy as the security camera is often situated far from an outlet. BK Electric Services can help you choose the right extension cable as well as any adapters you might need to bridge the distance.

We can also help you connect the video recorder you will use to watch what the camera sees. If you are using multiple security cameras, then we recommend a standalone DVR you can use to remotely view the video feed from anywhere.