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Smart Home Automation

Access and control over your entire home



Home automation system brings convenience and high-end smart solution to manage and control your home space with an easy click. Your smart phone, a remote control or a push of button can control every aspect of your home including security system, in home audio system, access control, interior and exterior cameras, and any smart devices using IOT (internet of things) protocol.

Smart Home Automation, bring convenience, control and the peace of mind that your home is safe, secure and optimized for maximum energy savings. This means saving in energy bills while helping produce less impact on our environment. Imagine the convenience of controlling your entire home from your smart phone from across the room or across the world. Did you forget to close the backdoor? Do you need to let the plumber come in? is the alarm on? you can answer these questions and many more directly from your smart phone.

Internet Of Things (IOT) brings convenience of automating smart devices such as control over lighting. You can create a "welcome scene" for example, as soon as you enter the house, all lights in the main room go on, and your favorite music collection starts to play. As soon as you leave the house, the "goodbye scene" can shut-off all lights, music and confirm that all doors/windows are locked while turning on the alarm. Scenes can be customized for your needs and we can help with design, configuration and setup. Call us today to learn more about how to turn your home to a smart home.