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Why Los Angeles Electricians BK Electric Do Not Use Subcontractors

As licensed Los Angeles electricians we have experience of working on jobs of every size for a wide range of clients. When completing a remodelling project ensuring the quality of the work is vitally important. After all you are investing thousands of dollars into the property so you want to make sure you are protecting your investment.

This means getting the right contractors in place to put together your vision from start to finish.

When hiring an electrician our customers want to know that the work will be done as agreed. That means to the agreed specifications, on time and on budget.

No matter how big or small, commercial or domestic the job, when we speak to customers about the job they are looking to do we do not use sub-contractors. In fact one of the most common questions we get asked is “will you be using sub-contractors for our job?”

At B.K the answer is always no and we are passionate that our Los Angeles electricians work for us and we are committed to not using sub-contractors for any of our work.

But Why Does It Matter?

We believe this matters as we are passionate at providing the best service, but using only our workers we know they are fully licensed Los Angeles electricians that know the service standards expected.

If a contractor uses sub-contractor then there is the potential that things could be missed or that the level of service does not match the contractor’s usual standards.

By only using BK Electric electricians we can ensure that our commitment to high level service and an excellent result is shared across everyone that works for us.

This allows us to continue to stand behind all of our work and commit to the highest levels of service and quality of work.