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Attic Exhaust Fans

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Attic exhaust fans are electrical or motorized ventilation fans that regulate the heat level of an attic or similar space, through the use of thermostat, which automatically switches the fan on or off, or simply send out a notification that the fan should be switched on or off manually. As the hot air is exhausted, additional vents are required to suck in fresher air. Attic fans are most used during hotter months, when temperatures in a building’s attic may exceed a ridiculous 120 °F.

Because fans are made from metal, lightning strikes may quickly become problematic if the fan is placed on a roof. Grounding is important and the grounding wire is attached to fan case by a screw that juts out at the top; as modern fans go, an additional grounding wire connects directly to the fan motor and, as a result, the entire fan and all of its electrical components are grounded.

In addition to installing an attic exhaust fan, it is recommended you invest in and lay down attic air sealing and insulation, as it will help cut down on energy use. Also, when the AC is not in use, feel free to turn on the attic exhaust fan. It will blow hot air out while pulling cooling air into your house.

For more information on choosing where to install your attic exhaust fan, visit Energy Star’s page.