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Plasma/LCD Installation

LCD and Plasma Television Installation



A home theater system, if done properly, brings the experience of the movies to your own living room. Essential to any home theater is the Plasma/LCD television. Have you ever noticed how much clearer and crisper the image on the screen appears? This magic is accomplished through the use of a film projector, which is an expensive piece of equipment. But technology has advanced enough to allow bringing that visual beauty to your house. Plasma/LCD televisions have not lowered in quality, but the price has dropped and now many modern families boast about how incredible an experience watching movies is at their house.

If you’re thinking of installing that new plasma or LED TV yourself, you will have your work cut out for you. Not only will you have to coordinate the wiring, but if something goes wrong, you could waste your investment. Make your life a little easier by giving us a jingle. We’ve installed and mounted dozens of televisions before, all at the best angle and eye level. We also know that plasmas require certain altitude requirements so the picture is optimal. Trust in our knowledge and experience.

BK Electric Services offers a full integration package, not only installing your plasma or LCD television, but making sure that every wire and relevant appliance is working correctly. You want to make sure you can watch your favorite shows as soon as we leave; we want to make sure that happens. BK Electric Services will also make sure you understand what every piece of equipment does so there are no surprises or hiccups. We provide free estimates as well consultation. We also do our best to provide an honest, but affordable and competitive estimate on all our calls.

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