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Circuit Breakers

If you need a circuit breaker installed or repaired, call B.K. Electric Services

Electrical circuits will and do often suffer damage from overload, where a too large electrical current runs through a conductor, causing excessive heat generation, or short circuits, in which a current is allowed to travel on an unintended track wherein very low or no resistance exists. Circuit breakers are automatic electrical switches that are designed to detect faulty or undesirable conditions and interrupt current flow. Circuit breakers are not one-use items, like fuses, and can be reset; these breakers come in a variety of sizes, from small versions for home use to large switchbox type sets protecting circuits of an entire city.

Because circuit breakers are designed to reset, you won’t often find yourself having to replace one. However, breakers will, in fact, crack, malfunction, or break. In order to replace one or more, you would need to turn off all the branch circuit breakers and the main circuit breakers. Check for voltage on adjacent breakers and never assume they have turned off. Certified electricians, like those at BK Electric, will remove the main breaker compartment, and disconnect the wire from the faulty breaker. Once he replaces the breaker, he will usually check for other malfunctioning equipment and replace those, as well.